Sheets to Json

Simple way to turn Google sheets data to json for frontend consumption without using the Google Sheets API.

Don't Phish Me

An Open Source Google Chrome Extension that protects you from phishing attacks by letting you specify what usernames you use to login to services, and whitelisting them for specific domains. If you use the username on a domain that you have not whitelisted 'Don't Phish Me' alerts you.


A way to perform quick csv to xlsx conversions and avoid windows and mac complications around CSV conversions

I am a certified Magento developer. I built and mainteined online stores built on Magento as my fulltime job for 3 years.

Magento is a php based Open Source eCommerce framework

Some of the projects I've worked on as a senior/lead engineer include:

Largest camera gear retailer in South Africa

Official Timberland Sout Africa

Official Toms South Africa

Sythetic diamonds

Printing Supplies

Missing Image Report

This Magento 2 module creates a landing page in the admin backend with a list of all the visible products that do not have images linked to them. The list is in grid form, can be filtered and has an edit link for every products as a quick way to add images.

Open External Links In New Tab Popup

This Magento 2 module makes every external link automatically open in a new tab so your traffic can stay on your site.